Friday, October 8, 2010

What a great day to start the weekend!

I just came back from five long games of street handball. If you don't know what street handball is, I don't blame you. This "sport" isn't that recognized in many places because teens and adults usually play the common sports such as basketball, soccer, football, etc. I play a lot of sports and all of them are great, but I think that handball is really for me.
So yeah, today I did many kills and lobs because I needed to practice on hitting low and high without outing the ball. By doing this, I won four out of five of my games because I had to play against this little kid who was playing really well for his age. I'm a power guy, which means I hit really hard, but then It was wrong to pick on a small child of his size so yeah... my partner and I lost.
Oh wells, losing isn't the end of the world. Does anyone else play handball in New York City? or handball in general? Peace.

Here's an intense handball video:
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  1. interesting read...

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  2. looks like you were able to GTL early

    check out GTL Everyday :)

  3. I will definitely have to try this one day! I need some exercise.