Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct 25, New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys

Why celebrate so soon, Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Romo was tackled to the turf in the second quarter, and with him seemed to go Dallas’ playoff hopes. The Cowboys quarterback suffered a broken clavicle on the play and the Giants brushed off an early 13-point deficit for a 41-35 victory in Week 7 of the NFL regular season on Monday, October 25 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The Dallas defense picked off Eli Manning twice in the opening minutes, and the lead was 20-7 when Dez Bryant returned a punt 93 yards for a touchdown midway through the second quarter.
However, Romo was injured soon after, and the Giants poured it on offensively in the victory. Dallas drops to 1-5 on the season, and since Romo’s injury usually requires an 8-to-10 week recovery time, the postseason seems like a pipe dream. Backup quarterback John Kitna, who hadn’t taken a regular season snap in two years, finished 16-of-33 for 187 yards and two touchdowns, with most of those yards coming late as Dallas scrambled to come back.

New York turned the ball over five times in the contest, but when the Giants weren’t giving the ball away, they were scoring. Hakeem Nicks had nine receptions for 108 yards and two touchdowns and Steve Smith added nine catches for 101 yards and a score. The running football lines game moved the ball, too, as Ahmad Bradshaw had 126 yards on the ground and Brandon Jacobs added 75 and a touchdown.
New York Giants improves to 5-2, and after an early season funk, might just be the best team in the NFC. The defense allowed plenty of points, but many came because of turnovers and special teams gaffes. Manning has a tendency to turn the ball over like he did early on, but the team simply shook it off. The Giants have now won four straight, against the Bears, Texans, Lions and Cowboys. If the team continues to play to this level, it could be the team to beat in the conference.

The Cowboys were on a short list to be that team when the season started, but the season may be over after only six games. The star-powered squad hasn’t put it together consistently this season, and it would now take a miracle for Kitna to get the team close to playoff contention. Rookie Dez Bryant played well, catching four balls for 54 yards and two touchdowns and returning the punt for a score, but the running game again struggled. Dallas amassed only 41 yards on the ground. Without a running game or Romo, the Cowboys look like they could be in a world of hurt.

What a game.. What a game... What a game!!!

Psychology assignment #4

Here is my Psychology assignment that I received an A for:

Note: To understand the following written material that you are about to read, please click on this link:

Which white horizontal line appears to be the longest and which appears to be the shortest? Did you think that the upper white line is bigger than the lower one? Please take this time and measure both lines, perhaps you may be flabbergasted by the results. By this time, you had just witnessed a concept that may upset ones previously held presumption about the nature of reality.

The illustration that you had examined is an optical illusion called the Ponzo illusion. The Ponzo illusion was first discovered and described in 1913, by an Italian psychologist, Mario Ponzo. The parallel white lines in the picture was seem as if they were different sizes. If you did measure them, you would have noticed that they're actually the same length. Why does the lines appear to be “bigger” as they appear to be further? Can you see how the vertical lines tend to gather onto a generic point in the distance? The vertical lines starts to become smaller and the road shifts inward towards the upper line, making the size seem larger than the bottom line. The cars, on the right hand side of the picture, are considered “small” in this picture due to the distance away from the camera, which made it a binary effect on size of the white lines.

Why does this phenomenon occur? Well, Ponzo believed that the human brain judges the objects size according to its background, and to prove his ideas he drew two identical line’s across a pair of converging lines. When our eyes first see the Ponzo illusion the two identical lines look different in perception, but when measured, they are the same size. The converging lines seem to move towards horizon or the vanishing point so in our mind we see them getting smaller because the further the object gets the smaller it becomes in our mind, but the line that is drawn over the vanishing point is the same size as the original line but with the background being farther and smaller the line looks bigger. The Ponzo illusion is mostly illustrated on railway tracks for better understanding.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

NFL Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Jets @ 8:30 PM ET 10/11

Who else is watching the game? or has watched it? I can't believe that Brett Farve is doing so horribly because of his elbow condition. The legendary quarter back is showing his downfall in this Jets game. I, myself is a Jets/Giants fan(because I'm from New York). Well, it's halftime at the moment. Do you think the Vikings might have a comeback? I think not!

P.s. the weather condition during the game and in New York is really crappy. It is hailing/raining. Jets would've had a touchdown but the ball was slippery and they missed it.

Here it is if you want to watch online for free!:

Friday, October 8, 2010

What a great day to start the weekend!

I just came back from five long games of street handball. If you don't know what street handball is, I don't blame you. This "sport" isn't that recognized in many places because teens and adults usually play the common sports such as basketball, soccer, football, etc. I play a lot of sports and all of them are great, but I think that handball is really for me.
So yeah, today I did many kills and lobs because I needed to practice on hitting low and high without outing the ball. By doing this, I won four out of five of my games because I had to play against this little kid who was playing really well for his age. I'm a power guy, which means I hit really hard, but then It was wrong to pick on a small child of his size so yeah... my partner and I lost.
Oh wells, losing isn't the end of the world. Does anyone else play handball in New York City? or handball in general? Peace.

Here's an intense handball video:
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Yumm... Chinese food!

Nothing better than to start the day with some Chinese food. Specifically, I'm eating Char Siu Fuan!
Here's a picture of how it looked like before i started to devour it furiously.

Char Siu Fuan is considered to be a stoner food, a champions meal, or just a plain o' I gotta have some! In many Chinese restaurants down here in New York City, more than 90% of the restaurants have Char Siu Fuan because of its elegant taste as well as the tourists who loves to just stop by for some. Well, I have to go now and wash the dishes. Peace!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

92.3... Hands down best radio station in New York?

Yup. This station isn't even a year old (from what I know). The DJ's on Saturdays are amazing.. They make the original song look ridiculous and boring. The "Commercial Free Mondays" rule!! So far, ever since this radio station was first introduced, I've been listening to it on my computer and in my car. Hands down Chunky and Buster are the best! :) I'm just chilling and listening to this station while chatting on AIM.


Note: 92.3 > z100

Ghost Hunting

Do you believe in ghost hunting? Ghost hunting has been in existence for a very long time. It was inspired by the media and popular convictions. You don't need a license or degree in “ghost hunting” to track down paranormal activities, simply anyone can do it.

Ghost hunters have attempted to construct a set of rules to constitute the practice of its unofficial profession. The article “Investigation Morality” in the magazine, Haunted Times, presented the rules of conduct for ghost hunting which consisted of: respect private property, no illegal drug use, no intoxication, no discriminatory language. It is highly unethical for this unofficial profession to be formed as a business. The business would then charge their clients for paranormal investigations or to remove spirits from a site. Many devices are used to track down spirits, such as a radio that communicated with spirits and a electromagnetic field detector that scopes in relation to electromagnetic fields but is used for hunting spirits. Ghost hunting itself is unethical, considering the fact that it causes ravage, disturbance, and appropriation to its site. Its because ghost hunting is a psychological relief to those people that believe that their misfortune is due to supernatural forces. Consequently, it disrupts our world creating distortion by leading to the existence of the non-existing.

This whole article was presented in a way for better understanding of the origins and ethnics of ghost hunting. The existence of this phenomenon is due to “haunted” locations which created ghost hunters who assist's the needs of people in the area. The supernatural world is too varied and is based solely on an individual's interpretation. For instance, an ordinary white table cloth hanging off a chair could be a perceived image of a ghost by a certain individual, but it is just a table cloth. Others might disregard the table cloth as a ghost, and only believe that spectres are the true form of ghosts. The image of a ghost is different for everyone; especially in the media, where the appearance of a ghost is presented in many different forms.

If someone was to ask about the existence of this phenomenon, I would say that ghost hunters will try and persuade people in believing that they are doing their job in communicating and seeking out spirits with false accusations. If you thought the movie “Ghost Busters” was real, think again.