Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ghost Hunting

Do you believe in ghost hunting? Ghost hunting has been in existence for a very long time. It was inspired by the media and popular convictions. You don't need a license or degree in “ghost hunting” to track down paranormal activities, simply anyone can do it.

Ghost hunters have attempted to construct a set of rules to constitute the practice of its unofficial profession. The article “Investigation Morality” in the magazine, Haunted Times, presented the rules of conduct for ghost hunting which consisted of: respect private property, no illegal drug use, no intoxication, no discriminatory language. It is highly unethical for this unofficial profession to be formed as a business. The business would then charge their clients for paranormal investigations or to remove spirits from a site. Many devices are used to track down spirits, such as a radio that communicated with spirits and a electromagnetic field detector that scopes in relation to electromagnetic fields but is used for hunting spirits. Ghost hunting itself is unethical, considering the fact that it causes ravage, disturbance, and appropriation to its site. Its because ghost hunting is a psychological relief to those people that believe that their misfortune is due to supernatural forces. Consequently, it disrupts our world creating distortion by leading to the existence of the non-existing.

This whole article was presented in a way for better understanding of the origins and ethnics of ghost hunting. The existence of this phenomenon is due to “haunted” locations which created ghost hunters who assist's the needs of people in the area. The supernatural world is too varied and is based solely on an individual's interpretation. For instance, an ordinary white table cloth hanging off a chair could be a perceived image of a ghost by a certain individual, but it is just a table cloth. Others might disregard the table cloth as a ghost, and only believe that spectres are the true form of ghosts. The image of a ghost is different for everyone; especially in the media, where the appearance of a ghost is presented in many different forms.

If someone was to ask about the existence of this phenomenon, I would say that ghost hunters will try and persuade people in believing that they are doing their job in communicating and seeking out spirits with false accusations. If you thought the movie “Ghost Busters” was real, think again.


  1. I believe in ghosts, so I believe in ghost hunting

  2. ghosts scare the hell out of me... to make myself feel better, I think of bubbles.

    check out my bubbles on Enhanced by MS Paint :)

  3. I agree with the above, I believe in ghosts :(